Know What You Consume: Healthy Biscuits

“The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”

Ann Wigmore

Know what you consume, make your health a priority, eat healthy. You must have heard dozens of these but of what use is knowledge if not acted upon? When it comes to a snack and having a quick bite, usually biscuits are what we select.

For most people, especially the younger ages, biscuits are like a necessity in their snack composition. If you are a parent or guardian wouldn’t you want to make a good choice for them: Less sugar, more nutrition or even perhaps 100% nutrition with no sugar?

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This is a personal choice and it varies from individual to individual. However, the nutritional value should make at least 60% of the composition.

Before Buying a Biscuit

Checking the back of biscuits for their nutritional value should be the first thing we do before purchasing them.

We are what we consume. Healthy biscuits should not be jammed with too much preservatives and chemicals. It should not be stale or expired or ruined by air.

Excessive sugar must be avoided also in choosing healthy biscuits because if care is not taken this can culminate to diabetes, stomach aches, tooth aches and could even lead to other major health issues.

You see how little things matter? Some of the health issues older people face today were as a result of their poor eating habits when younger.

You may say: I do not know where to start from or there are too much unhealthy biscuits out there that I don’t really know what to choose or I avoid as much as possible buying biscuits for my kids because I am afraid the contents are unhealthy, too sugary and can make them sick.

If you are in any of these categories then Fadaella foods have come to allay your fears. Fadaella is solely focused on making these biscuits not only yummy but healthy too.

For instance our much recognized and recommended oat milk biscuits use milk as substitute for too much sugar which is almost a norm in a lot of biscuits out there.

Cranberry fudge is another unique product which has a tasty blend of goodness and nutrition just for you. The nutrition is way above bar and is also highly recommended for you and your kids.

Make a better choice and start with Fadaella. For more on our products kindly visit our products page

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