If You Love Crunchy Snacks You Will Love Fadaella Oatmilk Variants.

Fadaella oatmilk variants come in 2 mouthwatering flavours, the oatmilk and the oatmilk Choco which are both crispy, chewy, crunchy, chocolatey and milky.

They are high in fiber and rich with antioxidants that will boost your immune system.

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Our oatmilk variants are made from carefully selected oats which means that they are gluten free, they are also highly nutritious which makes them the best snack for kids, adults and infact, everyone.

It is an excellent choice for those who are lactose intolerant and vegetarians are also not left out in the crunchy snacking fun.

Fadaella Oatmilk Variants is best for everyone

Fadaella oatmilk variants is a healthy choice for those whose dietary restrictions are age related as it contains unsaturated fat, it regulates blood sugar level, it is cholesterol free and contains minerals that helps to strengthen the bones.

Our oatmilk choco are made from dark chocolate that is super healthy for you, and In case you don’t know what you stand to gain from our oatmilk choco.

Well, dark chocolate contains flavonoids and theobromine that act as antioxidants that help in cancer prevention, weight loss, reduces inflammation, lower blood pressure, it makes the skin look younger, prevents diabetes, reduces the risk of stroke, it improves blood circulation, improves brain function and the mother of them all, it helps your heart to stay healthy.

Our oatmilk biscuit is another great snack you should try, it is made with the finest ingredients that are packed with vitamin A, B12, C and D, it also contains vital minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and riboflavin and 5 other vitamins. it is moderately sweet, milky and delicious, the oatmilk contains less protein than dairy milk.

Fadaella oatmilk variants comes in a pack of sixty pieces, So why wait when you can join in the ‘crunch’ and get your own fadaella oatmilk..

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