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Nigeria's first and leading oat milk brand that guarantees great taste. Our products include top quality and healthy snacks for everyone. Fadaella Foods promises you great taste, healthy snacks, and a wow experience from all our products.

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We are looking for distributors nationwide. Fadaella foods is a household brand for oat milk biscuit in Nigeria. We value our distributors, and we offer them wholesale/distributorship price and other discounts/bonuses on purchases.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Fadaella Oat Milk is simply that best.....peerless among peer!!., especially with the great service and at affordable price. Thanks!

Amaechi Onuorah
Amaechi Onuorah28 y.o.

I have had it and it's very interesting. It's also a very good choice for diabetics. However, it's had to find in my are and I want to be distributor. Please furnish me the information I need and all the requirements.

Atukaritou Ronald
Atukaritou Ronald32 y.o.

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